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MSA Elite Afternoon Camp

MSA Elite Afternoon Camp

The MSA Elite Camp is for the competitive player.  The MSA Afternoon Camp is designed to develop young aspiring soccer players in the areas of technique (skills), tactics (decision making), physical fitness, and sports psychology. The MSA Afternoon Camp will be run by the MSA staff with the intent of teaching skill, creativity, and decision making in a fun, competitive environment.  The techniques of passing, receiving, dribbling, finishing and fakes will will be implemented within allowable COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.  All MSA camps will adhere to governmental social distancing guidelines and protocols.  

MSA Elite Afternoon Camp

Age Groups:

  • Monday and Wednesdays
    • Girls
      • 2010 5:10-6:20pm
      • 2009 4:00-5:10pm
      • 2008 4:00-5:10pm
      • 2007 6:20-7:30pm
      • 2006 6:20-7:30pm
    • Boys
      • 2013 5:10-6:20pm
      • 2012 6:20-7:30pm
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Boys
      • 2011  4:00-5:10pm
      • 2010  5:10-6:20pm
      • 2009  4:00-5:10pm
      • 2008  5:10-6:20pm
      • 2007  5:10-6:20pm
      • 2006  5:10-6:20pm
      • 2005 or older 6:20-7:30pm
    • Girls
      • 2013 6:20-7:30pm
      • 2012 6:20-7:30pm
      • 2011 5:10-6:20pm
      • 2005 or older 6:20-7:30pm


     First Baptist Church 

     1601 Temple Ave

     Camarillo CA 93010


This is a monthly subscription camp plan.  Once you register, your payment will be processed every month on that date.  


  • 2 days a week $140 a month

*For a limited time, we are offering $100 for the first month for training twice a week.    You will receive $40 back as a credit to your card two days after registration.

**Your camp starts the next session after you have paid.